An Overview Of What Twitter Polls Are

Perhaps you have not heard of the term twitter polls before and you are in total oblivion what exactly it is. Well, twitter polls is a new feature that is geared towards gathering public opinion concerning certain issues that are of interest to your life and perhaps you are not so sure of how to go about it and so you seek the opinion of the massive twitter audience. Well, it is only natural that most of you are not aware to what it is exactly because it is just a new feature that has just been launched by the social media network.

However, twitter polls are not that new to us all. It is just an advanced case of retweets that have been the order of the day and acted as the polling mechanism there before. The new feature is now limited to four answer options and has a life-line of 24 hours. During this time frame, the tweeter of the poll is informed on how long the poll is viable and the results of how people are voting are displayed in terms of percentage. The good thing about it is that it is a private way of voting and there will be no cases of victimization whatsoever.

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What does Facebook and Twitter say about automatic likes?

Facebook has the highest number of social media users in the world, while twitter comes in second. Most people who use the Internet are on either social networks or on both networks. Either way, people love getting likes on their posts, which prompts many of them to use both legal and illegal ways to get the highest number of likes. As for twitter, buying automatic likes is not a big problem. In fact, the social media network does acknowledge that some of the most followed people on the network have many fake followers. Most of the celebrities and public figures with more than 10 million followers on their accounts buy followers and likes.

Facebook on the other hand is not so kind to people who use automatic likes. They have strict measures for singling out fake accounts, which they then delete immediately. In addition, Facebook deletes your account should they find out that you have so many fake accounts linked to yours. This therefore means that the only safe way to succeed on a social network without getting into trouble is by building your way up the hard way.